We have always wished sailors a safe journey and a happy return. In the past, storms were the most serious threats. Thanks to modern technologies, these risks can be calculated and largely managed today. Today’s risks are caused by a massive increase in shipping, much bigger vessels and other uses of the seas, for example for offshore wind farms. It has become crowded on the oceans. In addition, seafarers are facing piracy and cyber attacks. We need to take all of this into account so that seafarers can get home safely. The MARISSA-Days conference addresses all of these challenges. It brings the major players from science, business and government together and raises awareness of maritime safety and security as we need innovative solutions to continue to ensure safe shipping and to use the seas in a sustainable manner.

Statement from Claudia Müller - German Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Industry

Ocean affairs and global trade are closely interconnected with maritime safety and security matters. And indeed, the latter is the key-enabler to provide and ensure a stable and reliable “good order at sea” for the save and successful conduct of our global businesses. Therefore, maritime safety and security is a national master task! 
The German National Masterplan on Maritime Technologies serves as the leading vehicle to bring researchers, industries and administration together to build and grow the national industrial footprint in the global security and defence market. Led by the German Society on Maritime Technology prominent stakeholders of the maritime safety and security market coordinate their efforts to offer first-class research, innovative products and cyber-secure digital services as ingredients for an attractive and competitive portfolio.

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Record of MARISSA Events

III. International MARISSA Symposium 2022


21 from 09:30 (CEST) - 22 till 16:00 (CEST) June 2022

The successful series of MARISSA events will be continued with a 2-day physical MARISSA symposium in Bremerhaven/Germany on 21-22 June 2022.

Following two well visited international symposia in 2017 and 2019, the COVID gap has been bridged by eight virtual MARISSA-Days, short online fora targeted at individual topics. So far, more than 1000 participants from 45 countries have listened to and discussed presentations and standpoints from high-ranking speakers from policy, international bodies, national administrations, industry representatives and research institutions. By addressing maritime safety and security issues, MARISSA forms a critical voice in formulating policy needs, research framework requirements, developing technological solutions and supporting related applications.

On this basis, the MARISSA Management Team and Programme Committee created an attractive programme for the two-day physical symposium in June 2022. The team and sponsors from the federal government and the Bremen government invite national and international experts to discuss the latest developments in person at the attractive venue of the Bremerhaven “Fischbahnhof” ( The symposium will be complemented with a small exhibition and life outdoor demonstrations at this inspiring venue.

Scroll down this site for the programme download and registration form. Your participation at the International MARISSA Symposium is free of charge.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bremerhaven!

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