It is impossible to imagine the maritime industry today without maritime safety and security. It is not only about safety on board or safe shipping routes. Digitization and automation have advanced the maritime industry in many areas but have also made it susceptible to risks from cyberspace. This applies to ships as well as port infrastructure and offshore wind turbines. So, we are well advised to pay utmost attention to maritime safety and security. This is for example why we initiated the ‘MARISSA-Days’ conference and continuously support building research infrastructures and industry networks.

Statement from Norbert Brackmann - German Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Industry

Ocean affairs and global trade are closely interconnected with maritime safety and security matters. And indeed, the latter is the key-enabler to provide and ensure a stable and reliable “good order at sea” for the save and successful conduct of our global businesses. Therefore, maritime safety and security is a national master task! 
The German National Masterplan on Maritime Technologies serves as the leading vehicle to bring researchers, industries and administration together to build and grow the national industrial footprint in the global security and defence market. Led by the German Society on Maritime Technology prominent stakeholders of the maritime safety and security market coordinate their efforts to offer first-class research, innovative products and cyber-secure digital services as ingredients for an attractive and competitive portfolio.

Record of MARISSA Events


Maritime infrastructures - Critical, safe & secure

18 November 2021 from 10:00 (CET) till 13:00 (CET)

Globalization, digitalization, and sustainability efforts are leading to structural, procedural, and operational changes in existing maritime infrastructures. At the same time, new designs and concepts for future infrastructures and their usage are emerging in the industry. Reliability is essential for each of these infrastructures, as they perform critical functions on which our societies increasingly depend.

Securing these maritime infrastructures requires a multi-layered and multi-disciplinary approach, including identifying old and new threats, mitigating vulnerabilities, assessing risks and uncertainties, and improving performance.

A holistic framework for creating resilient infrastructure systems at the component, system, and system-of-systems levels that incorporates technical, organizational, economic, social, and environmental dimensions has not yet been established.

MARISSA Day 4 will bring together experts from industry, government, and academia who deal with these challenges on a daily basis to discuss their experiences. Speakers will also share their visions on how to maintain or increase the level of security we depend on in the future.