Having been started in Bremen in 2009 on the natural basis of a critical capacity of related industry and research capacities in the region, the competence cluster for maritime safety and security applications “MARISSA” expanded first into the German metropolitan area Bremen-Oldenburg. MARISSA is an open network of technical and economical leading companies and institutions. Their goal is to combine complementary technologies across companies, to develop new and integrated solutions and systems, to improve the services offered by all parties involved.

In the subsequent period, MARISSA became a core activity of the NMMT – the National Masterplan Maritime Technologies. Being today a network of more than hundred industry partners and research organisations, MARISSA forms a critical voice in formulating research framework requirements, development of technological solutions and support related applications. Issues of maritime safety and security have been addressed in frequent internal workshops and innovation conferences.

As a main activity NMMT-MARISSA developed a strategic approach for future research and development needs. The interim result has been published as the future initiative “Securitas Maritima”, which served as baseline for formulating subsequent research programmes and project initiatives.

Context Reading:
Zukunftsinitiative Securitas Maritima 2015 – Kurs auf die Märkte von morgenDE
(PDF, 7 MB)
Maritime 2050 Plus – Safe and Secure (2019)EN
(PDF, 19 MB)

Since 2017, the initiative organises every two years the International MARISSA Symposium, supported by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and GMT – the German Association for Marine Technology.

Due to circumstances, the 3rd. International MARISSA Symposium as a conference with physical participation had to be postponed to June 2022 in Bremerhaven, Germany. To serve the ever changing and challenging maritime world with the latest policies, trends, technologies and applications for maritime safety and security, it has been decided to bridge the timely gap until 2022 with a series of eight MARISSA-Days. These MARISSA-Days are designed as half day online events, highlighting burning subjects on maritime safety and security and will serve as dialogue platform and opinion generator for the entire branch.

The technical scope of MARISSA comprise the subjects as outlined in the following drawing.