Protecting the marine environment
Event date: 28 April 2022

Human well-being and our economy have benefited from the ocean for oxygen to breathe, fish and seafood to eat, leisure and healing places to visit, seaways for transportation, and the many jobs associated with ocean activities,” says Richard Catlow, IAP Co-President. However, maritime habitats are under severe pressure and face extensive destruction.

IAP, therefore, thrives to nurture a deep understanding of marine ecosystems and advance sustainable policies.

On MARISSA Day 8, we will give the floor to promising approaches on how to manage marine environments in a sustainable way. Contributions will cover the development of legislation, examples showcasing the implementation of statutory compliance monitoring and improved efficiency. We will discuss how to improve the understanding of pressures and drivers in marine environments, as well as how to bring economic efficiency and operating schedules of coastal industry projects in line with ecological concerns.

The managment team

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Programme MARISSA Day 8 - Protecting the marine environment
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