1st International Symposium MARISSA 2017
Maritime Safety and Security Applications
Event date: 13 June 2017

Maritime safety and security are particularly about technologies to secure critical infrastructures and the safety of maritime transport. Furthermore, the sustainable use of the oceans and the exercise of sovereign functions to safeguard coastal and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important.

The two days’ conference aimed at drawing a baseline on German and international initiatives and activities in the field of maritime safety and security. It had been the intention to collect and compile a comprehensive overview on market requirements, statutory developments and ongoing innovation trends. This included the presentation of latest products and research results, demonstrated in the following application fields

  • Autonomous monitoring of maritime infrastructures
  • Wide-area surveillance of sea areas
  • Integrated sea traffic monitoring and management
  • Safety and security services
  • Marine environmental monitoring
  • Protecting the logistic chain

The event attracted 178 participants.

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