Resilient Critical Maritime Infrastructure - MARISSA Day 14
Event date: 25 April 2024

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<<Critical maritime infrastructure is fundamental to the security and economic stability of the European Union. With the majority of global trade and commerce taking place via sea routes, any disruption to maritime infrastructure can have severe consequences (quote EU/EDA)>>.


With the unfortunate events off the coast of Bornholm in September 2022 global awareness has risen sharply regarding the new risks and threats imposed on maritime infrastructures off our coasts and at the High Seas. Due to this and other recent incidents, MARISSA Day 14 is addressing serious national and international efforts that have meanwhile been undertaken to provide surveillance and protection for many critical, national assets at and under the sea. Current activities range from the design and constructions of robust, resilient infrastructures to advanced monitoring, tracking and pursuance of potential attackers. Industrial solutions are available at the grand scale with autonomous surface and underwater vehicles, advanced marine sensors and powerful AI-based data analytics. Continuous innovation efforts however are needed to keep pace with and counter creative criminals and saboteurs. Above and beyond, legal and organisational constraints need to be coordinated to allow for the efficient and reliable conduct of truly harmonised control measures. Future maritime security of critical infrastructures at sea can only be provided in a joint and coordinated effort of all stakeholders from public authorities, industry, research and administrations.

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