A quantum leap towards maritime security – Ground-breaking technologies improving maritime security
Event date: 08 November 2023

Global maritime affairs - sea trade and transport, maritime energy, fishery and aquaculture and more - provide the basis for many nations to develop and grow social security and stability, freedom and economic development.


However, in a rapidly changing world with new challenges and conflicts developing at an ever growing pace the international community urgently needs to find new answers to grow resilience and security of their most vulnerable assets and support infrastructures.


The 2023 edition of the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum highlights the multiple areas where the world is at a critical inflection point. It is a call to action, to collectively prepare for the next crisis the world may face and, in doing so, shape a pathway to a more stable, resilient world.


Raising awareness and alertness of all actors surely is an important element to increase our resilience against any aggressor. However, under a concrete attack, its primarily about available capabilities and technologies, which provide the means to outsmart any aggression against our valuable targets. To stay prepared against the attacks of tomorrow, may it be against our physical, cyber or societal infrastructures therefore demands continuous investment in research and development for new and innovative security knowledge and technologies. The development of quantum technologies for safer communication and high-precision sensors, the progress in advances in both aerial and underwater surveillance systems or the breath-taking advances in machine-learning algorithms are prominent examples.


With our MARISSA Day 12 we invite you to take a closer look with us at leading and ground-breaking technologies holding the potential to change the future maritime security domain.

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